We Value Your Support!

Since ticket sales can never fully cover costs for any performing arts organization, we rely on the community we serve to assist us financially with contributions, in-kind sponsorships and program advertisements. With your help, we can partner to continue to bring two outstanding shows each year to our community.

The Fort Walton Beach Community Chorus, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, would like to say “thank you” to those who have supported us past and present. In our show programs, you are truly NOTEWORTHY!

Emerald Coast Friends of the Chorus

Become a friend of the chorus by sponsoring at one of the following levels: Friend, Pearl, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, or Diamond. Fill out the sponsorship form and mail with your check to: FWBCC, PO Box 2221, FWB, FL 32549. Thank you for your support!

Season Ticket Sponsors


Emerald Coast Retired Educators
“It’s A Beautiful Day in Paradise” (Carl & Jeanie Caughman)
Fine Fotos (Tim & Cindy Swanson)


Betty Boudreau
Regina Carlisle


Joan Baston
Rick & Sandy Budd
Bill & Joy Bynum
Dorothy Craft
Bob & Sylvia Fish
Sandi Fowler
Richard & Iris Gutshall
Gladys Haney
Tom & Angie Hermanson
Don & Vicki Kreis
Frances Ross


Susan Audiffred
Jason and Christina Belcher
Randy & Judy Brooke
Scott Brown
Paul & Paula Darby
Doris Day
Jean Dutton
Charles & Jayne Edmondson
Jesse & Ana Flores
Angie Grant
Valerie Harris
Gary & Kathi Heapy
Jennifer Higgenbotham
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kelly
Jean Kendall
Bill & Mary Kober
Cecile Lindegren
Janet M. McArdle
Dr. & Mrs. Charles McFarland
Elizabeth McNair
Denis Milonas
Mary Ogletree
Dr. Roger & Annette Peadro
Matt Ritter / Edward Jones
Sam & Edith Smith
Lisa Stanhope
Walkers Ace Hardware
Joann Wendt

Have questions about becoming a Sponsor? Please contact sponsor@fwbcc.org or tickets@fwbcc.org.